Photo Update: I Love Summer





Quote of the Day: Teaching Literature?

"Ultimately, works of literature are not things to be contemplated but powers to be absorbed."
-Northrop Frye, The Stubborn Structure: Essays On Criticism and Society


Quote of the Day: On Failing Forward

"If we think [homeschooling] is really worthwhile and we have [the opportunity and the resources], and it’s never been done before [by any of our friends/family] but we believe in it, it’s O.K. to take a chance. It’s O.K. to try, and if it doesn’t work, learn from it, adjust and keep failing forward. And if you just fail forward all the time — learn, fail, learn, fail, learn, fail — but every single time you’re making it better and better, before you know it you’re [in] great company."

Adapted from this article in the NY Times, which interviews the president and chief executive of Nvidia, a graphic chips company.


Verum I Bonum I Pulchrum

I'm so excited about the lessons in art appreciation that will come late next year and into the next ;)


The Droid, Santa Catalina, and My Junior Seahawk

The only access to a computer I have had for over a month has been my new Droid phone. While I love it for the uber-convenience of having everything literally in-hand at any time, it is not quite able to directly upload my photo updates to this blog. And what's a blog post without a photo, right???
Having hijacked my dh's work computer today, without further adieu...

Last month, we took a trip out to Catalina Island for a couple of days to celebrate my first baby turning 10 (double digits!!!!) We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Original Jack's Country Kitchen is the BEST restaurant in town for grass-fed beef burgers and organic chicken. Order the Hawaiian French toast with Portugese sausage and coconut syrup. Delish!
Golf carts were the most popular mode of transportation...... since the waiting list to get a car barged over is over 20 years long!

Scenes from a glassbottom boat tour:

We spent all of 20 minutes at the Wrigley Botanial Garden, having been driven out early by the sounds and sights of what must have been thousands of bees.

Earlier this month, S attended the Jr. Seahawk program at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. She had a great time and learned some interesting things about life at sea. She enjoyed creating this watercolor resist to accompany her composition.

Lastly, my baby finally lost a tooth! [Sorry for the side-angle. The Droid camera-phone is definitely not a Nikon.]


Photo Update

Long Beach

Cookie sales

Learning about birds at the local nature center, including making our own bird call device. We also met this friendly snake.


Quote of the Day: Knowing

True education should expand all the faculties of the mind:
memory, conscience, imagination, insight, intuition and brain.

When you just process information, you deny or cut off those other functions of the mind and reduce it to the brain alone, which is just simply [responding to stimuli]. The danger is unbelievable….

Columbia Teachers College held a symposium on “Knowing: How We Come to Know Things” and how important this is. Some speakers said that much that is being done in education denies these other functions of the mind and reduces them to the responsive] brain alone. They reminded us that those other functions—memory, conscience, imagination, insight, and intuition—are the functions by which we know absolutes and truths, [discern right from wrong],

are able

to know


GenYvette Sutton